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metz campus, le pôle supérieur de Jean XXIII - Montigny-lès-Metz

Coventry University has developed three of its most wanted undergraduate courses with the department of Higher Education of the Jean XXIII School in Montigny-lès-Metz  (France).

BA (Hons) Top-up courses

Jean XXIII and Coventry University  welcome students with 120 ECTS in three Top-Up courses:


Global Marketing

Global Business

International Hospitality and Tourism Management


In one academic year (two semesters) our students can develop their professional skills. They improve their proficiency level in the field they study by practising constantly their professional English.


By following these courses the students increase their employment opportunities in an international market and/or their chances of consolidating their studies with a post-graduate degree.


Each course is a one-year ‘stand-alone’ Year 3 top up  course which takes place in specific classrooms of the Department of Higher Education of the Jean XXIII School in Montigny-lès-Metz (France).

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metz campus

Metz Campus / Pôle Supérieur Jean XXIII - 10 rue Mgr Heintz - BP 20814 - F-57958 Montigny-lès-Metz